Vajamangala 4th stage

The project is proposed to be developed in an area of nearly 49 acre and 35 guntas of land situated at Vajamangala village Varuna hobli Mysore Taluk.

  • The Government of Karnataka is accorded permission for change of land use to on extent of 49 acre 35 guntas vide its order no. NA A E 452/MY A PRA 2007 BANGALORE Dated 29/09/2007.
  • Deputy Commissioner Mysore district Mysore has accorded permission under sec 109 of Karnataka land reforms act 1961 vide order no LRF/SPL/29/2007-08 dated 24-12-2009 to purchase 49 acre 34 guntas of lands situated at Vajamangala village
  • As per permission of Deputy Commissioner to purchase 49 acre 34 guntas the society has got registered 34 acre 38 guntas out of which 28 acre and 30 1/2 guntas have been alienated vide deputy commissioner Order No. ALN(3) CR 357/2012-13 dated 02-08-2013 and ALN(3) CR 25/2014-15 dated 10-03-2015.
  • To Develop a residential layout out of alienated land viz 28 acre 30 1/2 guntas the society has submitted proposal of Layout plan to Mysore Urban Development Authority for approval.
  • MUDA in its meeting dated 10-04-2015 has formed a committee consisting of President, Commissioner, Town Planning Member and two members of MUDA to make spot inspection and to approve the layout plan. The committee has already inspected the spot and committee has submitted the report to MUDA chairman and the same has been forwarded to TPM MUDA, shortly the society is expecting the approval for layout plan..
Out of the registered 34 acre 38 guntas for 3 acre 39 guntas the secretary, Revenue Department in their letter to deputy commissioner has directed to treat it as 1/2DEEMED CONVERSION1/2 and to alienate lands after collecting necessary fees, The society has appealed to deputy commissioner to alienate the lands as per Government notification and for 2 acre 8 1/2 guntas proposal has been submitted to change of land use. The proposal for alienation of land 2 acre 8 1/2 guntas will be submitted after change of land use.
Since the land owners did not come forward to register the remaining 14 acres 36 gunts lands even though society puts its full effort to get the lands registered in favour of society the land owners did not come forward., hence the society has no other way except to choose other alternative lands by paying full amount to the land owners and registerd in the name of developer The remaining lands which are under tripartiate agreement are at different stages:
  • For alienation of 6 acre 13 guntas of land proposal has been resubmitted to Deputy Commissioner Mysore district Mysore.
  • Proposal for alienation of 1 acre 16 guntas is under process.
  • For change of land use of 6 acre 23 guntas. Proposal has been submitted to MUDA and insisting the approval as soon as CDP 2031 from the Government is sanctioned.
  • For 0.39 guntas proposal for change of land use is to be submitted.
  • Muda in its letter No Mynapra Nayosha, Wi Na A Nayo-1 Vinyasa Nakshe. 2015-16 Dated 22/12/2015 has informed the Society to remitt a sum of rupees 1,19,16,450/- (One crore nineteen lakh sixteen thousand four hundred and fifty) towards approval of lay out plan to the extent of 28 acres 301/2 guntas.
  • On 30/12/2015 the society has remitted a sum of rupees 1,19,16,450/- to the account of commissioner Muda Mysore vide Cheque no 204402 and the society is expecting the approval of lay out plan shortly.